Visit Capri

Visit Capri, The crags and grottoes have been dazzling visitors since the Ancient Greeks first settled the island.

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Visit Capri known in Greek mythology as the isle of the sirens, was a favored resort of the Roman emperors.

Visit Capri.. it’s easy to understand why artists and writers have been immortalizing Capri’s beauty and history for centuries. Climb aboard a wooden boat to tour the Grotto Azzurra, a cave filled with spectacularly blue water. Savor some gelato while you stroll around the harbours of Marina Piccola or Marina Grande, an ancient Roman fishing port.

Known in Greek mythology as the isle of the sirens, was a favored resort of the Roman emperors.

Most notoriously, the emperor Tiberius had his villa on the island, the location (supposedly) of debauched orgies. Those who displeased the emperor were flung to their deaths from the cliffs.

The island is world famous and is very touristy, especially when swamped with tourists in July & August, but other times of year it is calmer and more relaxing.

Visit Capri

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 In Capri you can arrive by ship from Sorrento (15 minutes by boat) or from the port of Castellammare di Stabia, which is only 8 km from Bed and Breakfast Il Fauno, easily accessible both by car and by the Circumvesuviana train (only 500 meters from the B & B).

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 Visit Capri

VISit capri


From April to the end of the summer, the island also comes to life from an artistic and cultural point of view. Concerts are organized almost every evening in the squares or the splendid villas built by Tiberius, as well as painting and sculpture exhibitions, plays and dance performances. This wonderful island is a destination that attracts visitors of all nationalities!

  • Festival of San Costanzo On May 14th every year, the patron saint of the town of Capri, San Costanzo, is celebrated.
  • Festival of Sant’Antonio On June 13th every year, the patron saint of the town of Anacapri is celebrated with a large rustic festival.
  • International Folklore Festival During the 1st week of August, Anacapri plays host to a range of events in its squares, featuring musical bands and folk dance companies.
  • Settembrata Anacaprese September. A large rustic festival for celebrating the grape harvest: 10 days of celebration dedicated to the island’s typical produce, including shows, competitions and games.
  • Capri Film Festival Every December since 1991, Capri has hosted an international festival dedicated to the cinema. The event attracts Italian artistes, Hollywood stars and independent filmmakers keen to present their works in this exclusive location.

Arco Naturale– Natural arch in the landscape reachable by a beautiful hike around the southern edge of Capri.

Capri Day Trip – What to see in one day

You’re on vacation at the Bed and Breakfast Il Fauno Pompei and want to come to Capri for a day? Here’s an idea of the route for a day trip to Capri.

09.00 hours

Try to get to Capri as early as possible. As soon as you arrive on the island, at Marina Grande, head to the private jetty from where boats depart for the Grotta Azzurra (it’s on the dock where the majority of hydrofoils arrive) and purchase a ticket for the tour around the island and visit to the Grotta Azzurra.
You can take either the complete trip around the island, which includes the thrill of sailing through the arch in the Faraglioni rocks, or take the shorter version, which only sails as far as the Grotta Azzurra and back. We suggest you opt for the full tour!

Tour around the island and visit to the Grotta Azzurra

Duration: circa 2 hours
Cost: circa 15 euro
Entrance to Grotta: 13 euro

11.30 hours

When you get back to Marina Grande, board a bus to Anacapri (20 minutes). From here, take the chairlift to the summit of Monte Solaro.

Monte Solaro chairlift

Duration: 12 minutes
Cost: circa 10 euro
‘Opening hours: March – October: 9.30 – 17.30 – November – February: 10.30 – 15.00

From the summit of Monte Solaro you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Bays of Naples and Salerno you’re ever likely to see. From here you can go back down the mountain by chairlift or on foot. If you decide to walk, take time to make the brief detour to see the hermitage of Cetrella.
The descent on foot will take you about 30 minutes.

14.30 hours

At this stage you can choose to either have lunch in one of Anacapri’s restaurants or just grab a quick snack and head straight to Villa San Michele, the museum house created by the 19th century Swedish writer and physician Axel Munthe, and which boasts one of the island’s most panoramic viewpoints.

Villa San Michele

Entrance: circa 6 euro
‘Opening hours: from 09.00 AM until 1h before the sunset

16.00 hours

Take a bus to back down to Capri. Make sure you stop for a coffee or a cold drink in the Piazzetta

After the obligatory pause in the Piazzetta, take a stroll down Via Camerelle, the street famous for its luxury boutiques and designer fashion stores.When you’ve had your eye-fill of window shopping, make your way down Via Serena and then turn right, walking along Via Matteotti until you come to the Gardens of Augustus

Here, you’ll want take a few photos of the gardens with the sea and the Faraglioni in the background before making you way down the spectacular Via Krupp to reach the bay of Marina Piccola and the Siren’s rock. From here you can make your way back to the center of Capri by bus and then take the Funicular train to the port and your hydrofoil home!

How do you get around and about the island of Capri? There are three principal forms of transport: bus, funicular railway and… legs!
Pop a comfortable pair of shoes into your bag: almost the whole of Capri is closed to traffic and walking is invariably the best way to get from one place to another.


Best ways to get around:

  • Port of Marina Grande – Capri: funicular railway
  • Capri – Anacapri: bus
  • Capri and Anacapri town centers: on foot

Forget the car: from mid March to early November only residential cars and motorbikes are allowed to circulate on the island. In any case, a car is of little use on Capri, where the majority of roads are closed to traffic and there are very few places to park.
Public transport on the island is extremely efficient and taxis are available 24hrs a day.

Where can I leave my car?

  • Naples port: Buono car park. Tel. +39 335 499658
  • Sorrento port:Marina Piccola car park. Tel. +39.081 8781306

Funicular railway

By far the quickest way to travel to the center of Capri from the port of Marina Grande is by the island’s funicular. a little train which makes its way up to the Piazzetta through the island’s lemon gardens in just 3 minutes.

Funicular Marina Grande – Capri

  • Departures: every 15 minutes (more frequently in rush hour and high season).
  • Journey time: 3 minutes.
  • Price of a single ticket: 1,80 €
  • Current funicular train times

The ticket office is located to the right of the arrival dock, next to the hydrofoil ticket offices. Small sized dogs are allowed on board. You’ll need to purchase an additional ticket if you are travelling with large items of luggage.
Between January and March the funicular railway closes for maintenance work. In these months the funicular train is substituted by a bus service.


Don’t expect a regular-sized city bus: on Capri, you’ll travel aboard a minibus with only a dozen or so seats in each. Anything bigger would have serious difficulty making its way along the island’s narrow roads! In the summer, buses are usually crowded and, at times, you might have to queue for some time. Fortunately, buses are frequent.

Ticket prices

  • Single ticket: 1,80 €
  • Hourly ticket: 2,70 €
  • Daily ticket: 8,60 €

The bus terminal in Capri is situated in Piazza Martiri d’Ungheria (on Via Roma, close to the Piazzetta)Anacapri’s bus terminal is located in Piazza della Pace (often referred to as “Piazza Cimitaro “). If you’re travelling from Capri to the Grotta Azzurra or Faro you’ll need to change buses in “Anacapri “. Don’t get off when the driver calls out “Anacapri”, rather wait for the next stop.


Taxis wait for passengers at the port and a number of other key locations, but they can also be hailed along the road or

bed.and.breakfast.capriCapri’s taxi cabs are often open top models (for the ladies: wear a headscarf and a pair of sunglasses and travel the island ‘diva style’!). Taxi fares are established by the taxometer. For longer journeys, a fixed rate is often applied. For tours of the island, you will need to agree a price with the driver, based on the season, and the itinerary and duration of the journey. booked by phone. Capri’s taxi drivers are generally extremely courteous and helpful and, for those eager to see the sights but with little time at their disposal, make great improvised tourist guides as well.

How much do taxis cost on Capri?

The journey from the port to the center of Capri will cost about 20 euro, luggage included. Capri’s taxis can accommodate up to 6 passengers. If you’re traveling in a group it can work out cheaper to take a cab, rather than the bus. Average taxi fares are listed here below:

Need a taxi?

  • Taxi Anacapri, Piazza Vittoria – Tel. +39 081 8371175
  • Taxi Capri, Piazza Martiri D’Ungheria – Tel. +39 081 8376657

By sea

If you want to see Capri from the sea, you can hire a canoe, dinghy, traditional Sorrentine gozzo, or a motor yacht, with or without crew. Boat trips might easily include a meal at one of the island’s water edge restaurants or a delicious onboard picnic, of panini, mozzarella and Capri’s succulent, sun ripened tomatoes.

A much less expensive option to hiring a private boat, is that of joining an organized tour.Trips around the island last approximately two hours, including the visit to the Grotta Azzurra. Visits to the famous sea cave are made on small rowing boats. Given that only a few boats are allowed to access the cave at any one time, the time it takes to enter will depend on the number of tourists waiting.

If you sail to Capri aboard your own boat, you can moor at the Marina Grande tourist port. Those choosing toanchor off shore should do so at least 300 meters from the coastline.

Capri is a place to do as little or as much as you like. The four cafes in the main square are the place to be seen in the evenings after the deluge of day trippers have left. Celebrities can occasionally be found sipping drinks there. High end shops line the streets if you feel the need for retail therapy.

  • Walk Take one of the public footpaths which let you reach, for instance, the “Arco Naturale” and other beautiful sights which the large majority of tourists will only see from their boat trips around the island. Some of these paths are very steep and you need to walk up and down long stairs sometimes. The map you can buy for a small fee at the main tourist office in the harbor shows most of the footpaths. However, it is difficult to get lost on such a small island.
  • Hike Nearly the entire perimeter of the island is accessible for hiking. Few people, except local fishers and hunters, take advantage of these beautiful natural trails. Several abandoned forts are found along the path and there are trails and paved descents that can take you all the way to the water’s edge. This is a great way to explore the natural beauty of the island when the day tripping tourists flood the more populous regions of the island. Bring plenty of water and comfortable shoes if you do hike, you may be a long distance from the nearest road or bus stop.
  • Rent a motor boat For anywhere up to 5 people per boat, you pay around 80 EUR for two hours and drive the boat yourself – the perfect way to see the island from the sea – no schedule, you can stop wherever you please to take a swim. Enquire near to the port for the companies who provide these boats.
  • Rent a motor scooter to tour the island. Gets you around much quicker than on foot, but still allows you to easily maneuver the winding roads. Beware of crazy bus drivers especially around corners! Beware as they may only allow experienced drivers to rent scooters.
  • Take the chairlift ride Called the Seggiovia by locals, it goes from Anacapri up to Monte Solaro. On a clear day the views over the bay of Naples from the summit are indescribable and there are some really pretty gardens and orchards underfoot on the way up the mountain (passing over private homes). The ride takes 15 minutes each way and is a remarkably peaceful break from the tourist crowds elsewhere in Capri. You’ll want at the very least 30 minutes at the top, where a restaurant and toilets are available. Round trip is €10 or €7.50 one way. Open daily in summer 9:30 to 5PM, last run down at 5:30PM, November to March last run down at 3:30PM. Very windy at wintertime.
  • Swim, many locals swim in the Blue Grotto after 6PM when the boats stop and in any of the other grottos around the island. Swimming is much safer however at the small beach to the left of the ticket kiosk for the furnicolare in Marina Grande or on the other side of the island at Marina Piccola (resort-like beach) or at any of the natural beaches reachable by boat. Swimming in grottos is only for experienced swimmers and is not for the faint-hearted, as tidal waves frequently close and open the openings to the grottos, and in the process, potentially injure a swimmer against the rocks when trying to enter or exit. Never do this alone, go with a local if you really feel the need to swim inside a grotto or the Blue Grotto which has a very low mouth opening.
  • Marina Piccola is on the opposite end of the island from Marina Grande. You can walk, but the bus is probably easier. The Marina Piccola is a quieter area which has two beach areas where you can swim or lay out on the smooth rock beach. But in July and August finding space on the pebbles is very difficult.

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