Pompeii Breakfast

Pompeii breakfast, the good morning starts from the morning. Also for celiacs!

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Italian breakfast, sweet and savory

also gluten-free for celiac guests

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 * During the COVID-19 emergency, breakfast will be served exclusively in the rooms.

Italian breakfast, sweet and savory

At Fauno Pompei we think that BREAKFAST should be an UNFORGETTABLE experience.

Book directly from our website and you can add breakfast at a cost of € 5 per person per day (instead of the € 10 rate found on the booking.com and expedia.com portals)

Every morning the preparation of breakfast starts early, with our trusted suppliers who deliver us FRESH PRODUCTS and the Breakfast Staff who prepares your perfect buffet.

Starting from 7:00 am we are ready to transform your awakening into a very special moment and our Pompei Breakfast seduces you with its delicious proposals until 10:30 am

Many ENTHUSIVE REVIEWS say that that of the Pompei Il Fauno Guest House is a breakfast that is not to be forgotten and an experience absolutely worth trying.

Do you know why ?

Because our BREAKFAST BUFFET is not only incredibly varied and abundant, but above all DIFFERENT from that of many other structures in Pompeii and the surrounding area, even of a higher category.

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That’s why Guesthouse Pompei IL FAUNO is a SPECIAL BREAKFAST:

  • The whole CAFETERIA is prepared EXPRESS with professional machines and SERVED with LOVE.
  • We only use COFFEE BORBONE BLUE and BLACK blend and quality FRESH MILK.
  • CAPPUCCINO is as good as that of your favorite BAR.
  • Taste the AUTHENTIC flavor of the American FILTER COFFEE, prepared with the original coffee makers.
  • EVERY MORNING you can enjoy FRESH SWEETS & Croissants.
  • Prepare your TOAST and taste them HOT by filling them with the jam you like best.
  • A wide choice of FRESH and DRIED FRUITS for a load of Health & Energy.
  • You can find natural local products such as BUFFALO MOZZARELLA and NAPOLETANO SALAMI.
  • For a small fee and on request we offer you crispy BACON and EGGS cooked in many different ways: SCRAMBLED, FRIED and BOILED.
  • You have ORANGE and RED ORANGE JUICES, a wide choice of fruit as well as YOGURT both white and fruit.
  • Fill up on energy with both RAW and COOKED HAM and with a small selection of CHEESE.

Book directly on this website for the best solution!

Exclusive benefits reserved only for those who book directly on our official website!

Book directly with us and you will have full access to our full range of benefits. From serenity to a greater number of places to stay, everything will be available to you from the moment of booking.

  • Best rate guaranteed
  • Breakfast for € 5
  • Packages and exclusive offers
  • Early check-in
  • Free access to the SPA
  • Welcome Drink

Book your room now

  • Quick check-in
  • Free luggage storage
  • Netflix free
  • Discount codes for future bookings
  • Free parking
  • Fast WiFi Internet
  • Outdoor Pool

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