Pompeii Guesthouse sauna

Pompeii Guesthouse sauna, your wellness with triple therapy technology!

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Pompeii Guesthouse sauna : relax and regenerate after a day of hiking.

The sauna is part of the SPA of the Guesthouse, book your wellness package now and get fantastic benefits!

Infrared sauna triple therapy

Pompeii Guesthouse sauna for 2/3 people at an angle, entirely made of high quality cedar wood, with a modern and resistant design.

The radiating elements are positioned in such a way as to make it possible to obtain the highest possible yield.

To this end, the cabin has radiated rear, front and foot elements. The sauna also includes aromatherapy and chromotherapy for a total relaxation effect.

Equipped with automatic ventilation, it also features a multi-function console with FM radio, mp3 and USB reader.

The sauna has these features:

  • Floor heating
  • Control panel
  • Ventilation
  • FM radio – MP3 – USB
  • Aromatherapy
  • Ceiling chromotherapy
  • Side heating
  • Triple Therapy Heater
  • Bluetooth

Hotel spa Pompei

Pompeii Guesthouse sauna


Heater at maximum height and IR range with high quality reflectors that ensure diffused heat reflectance. Suitable for all infrared applications. With 3 wavelengths and 3 radiators in one armature.


100% long waves
Features: Finnish sauna effect; maximum transpiration; long lasting heating; blood circulation improvement, heating time: 20 min; does not activate.


22% medium waves and 78% long waves.
Features: relief in case of rigidity; elimination of toxins; energy level improvement; weight loss; heating time 15 minutes; does not activate.


27% long waves, 58% medium waves, 15% long waves
Features: relief from muscle and joint pains; relief in case of skin problems, immediate warm-up time; activates.

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The Sauna is open every day of the year for guests of the Guesthouse during these times: from 08.00 to 22.00 (full treatment of 40 minutes). It is also possible to book 1 hour of SPA (includes 10 minutes whirlpool hot tub, 40 minutes of sauna, 10 minutes of emotional sensory shower)

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Sauna and SPAPompeii Guesthouse sauna

STARSKY LED ceiling lighting

The brightness intensity of the colors is much higher than in a standard colored lamp.

This offers various possibilities, such as a wide spectrum of colors to choose from and an automatic lighting program for the entire range.

It is enough to choose the color suitable for the mood and let yourself be carried away, for a unique and relaxing experience for the mind and the spirit..

Side heater

Greater comfort and even more warmth thanks to the lateral radiator which releases the heat directly on the back when the legs are stretched on the bench.

This option allows you to relax while staying in good shape at the same time.

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