Guesthouse Pompeii emotional shower

Guesthouse Pompeii emotional shower, a multi-sensory journey into the heart of wellness!

Guesthouse Pompeii emotional shower: relax and regenerate after a day of excursions.

The emotional shower is part of the SPA of the Guesthouse, book your wellness package now and get fantastic benefits!

Guesthouse Pompeii emotional shower

Guesthouse Pompeii emotional shower: The moment of the shower can become a multi-sensory journey into the heart of well-being thanks to the possibility of associating it with the well-known benefits of the sauna.

Our Emotional Shower has these treatments:

  1. TROPICAL RAIN: Warm tropical rain with fixed color chromotherapy: orange, the sound of nature: seagulls, sea waves, warm summer atmosphere, aromatherapy with Sorrento lemons. Duration 2.5 minutes.
  2. COLD MIST: Cold fog Chromotherapy fixed color: blue, the sound of nature: rain, thunder, cold winter atmosphere, aromatherapy with cold mint. Duration 2.5 minutes.
  3. RELAX WATERFALL: Waterfall in warm color relaxation with fixed color therapy: green, sound of nature: stream and birds in the woods, relaxing atmosphere, aromatherapy with Eucalyptus. Duration 2.5 minutes.
  4. CERVICAL MASSAGE: Fixed color chromotherapy cervical massage: violet, the sound of nature: Tibetan bells, cicadas, relaxing atmosphere, aromatherapy with Himalayan flowers. Duration 2.5 minutes.

Guesthouse Pompeii emotional shower

Benefits of the emotional shower

An emotional shower offers much more than just a shower: thanks to its multiple functions, which gradually transform the water – a vital element – into a jet, droplets or mist, it generates pleasing and captivating effects, which combine to give a unique and unrepeatable feeling of pleasure.

Thanks to nozzles and dispensers positioned on the ceiling and on the walls, the properties of hot and cold water are combined and combined with those of perfumes and oily essences.

Hotel doccia emozionale Pompei

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The Emotional Shower is open every day of the year at these times: from 08.00 to 20.00 (10 minutes – 4 treatments of 2.50 minutes each). It is also possible to book 1 hour of SPA (includes whirlpool hot tub, use of sauna, 10 minutes of emotional sensory shower)

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    What should we expect from such a shower? The key element of this practice, particularly widespread at spas and spa centers, is naturally water, whose positive energy is sublimated by the presence of other factors.

    Aromas and colors combine to make the shower a regenerating practice against stress accumulated during the day. Chromotherapy and aromatherapy, in fact, where associated with the jet of water, help to wash away anxiety and stress, purifying the mind and the psyche.

    The main function of this practice, as the name suggests, will therefore be to “excite”, thus giving intense moments of physical well-being and a connected mental satisfaction. It will also benefit the skin that, thanks to the differentiated jets of water, will be softer and more elastic, visible consequence of an active microcirculation.


    The fundamental principle is that of the alternation of the jet of water that differs not only in the temperature, hot and cold, but also in the outlet pressure from the regulator.

    The water comes out of the ceiling lamp with differentiated intensity, up to the effect obtained through the nebulization. Synchronously change colors and scents to create atmospheres and sensations in harmony with the water spill, which comes to simulate the fall of the rain, as well as that of the waterfall.

    The sensations and the different benefits derived from it will therefore change: if the low temperature tends to firm the tissues (with positive effects for the legs, buttocks and abdominals), the heat will have a natural vasodilator effect, with consequent purification and cleaning of the epidermis.

    The association of practices of this type with saunas or Turkish baths is particularly common in wellness programs formulated by beauty farms and wellness centers, where the intention is precisely to create a healthy itinerary capable of providing a 360 ° benefit.

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