Pompeii spa hotel : relaxed and rejuvenated after a day of excursions.

The SPA at the bed and breakfast includes an Jacuzzi whirlpool spa, an infrared sauna triple therapy, a sensory emotional shower, an infinity pool with a vertical whirlpool and a cervical waterfall.

Sauna Triple Therapy

Sauna Triple Therapy

Try the new triple therapy sauna which also includes aromatherapy and chromotherapy for a total relaxation effect.

Emotional shower

Emotional shower

The moment of the shower can become a multi-sensory journey into the heart of well-being thanks to the emotional shower.

Jacuzzi whirlpool SPA

Jacuzzi whirlpool SPA

The hydromassage Jacuzzi is an excellent remedy for stress, a personal pleasure for body and mind ... as well as a good opportunity to spoil yourself a little.

Jacuzzi whirlpool SPA

Pompeii spa hotel

Jacuzzi minipool

Pompeii spa hotel also includes a whirlpool mini-pool, offers an infinite series of advantages: from improving health to relaxing the muscles after a hard day’s work, it also allows you to escape from stress and relax alone or in the company of the people you love most.

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Infrared sauna triple therapy

Pompeii spa hotel : Infrared sauna, for 2/3 corner persons, entirely made of high quality cedar wood, with a modern and durable design.

The radiant elements are positioned so that you can achieve the best possible performance.

To this end, the cabin has radiated rear, front and foot irons. The sauna also includes aromatherapy and chromotherapy for total relaxation.

Equipped with automatic ventilation, it also has a multifunctional console with FM radio, mp3 player and USB player.

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Emotional Shower

Shower time can become a polysensory path in the heart of wellness thanks to the emotional shower and the ability to associate it with the well-known benefits of the sauna. What do we have to expect from such a shower? A key element of this practice, especially widespread in spas, is of course water, whose positive energy is sublimated by other factors. Fragrances and colors in fact make the showering moment a regenerating practice against stress accumulated during the day.

Shower with chromotherapy and aromatherapy composed by the ceiling and a waterfall from the wall. With shower you will experience the benefit of aromatherapy and chromotherapy. Vascular gymnastics determined by the alternation of heat and cold.

  • AROMATHERAPY (a different one for each selection)
  • CROMOTHERAPY (a different color for each function)
  • SOUND OF NATURE (one different for each function)

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Pompeii spa hotelPompeii spa hotel