Protocol Covid-19 Pompei Hotel

Protocol Covid-19 Pompei Hotel, at Fauno your stay in safety!

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Protocol Covid-19 Pompei Hotel, at Fauno your stay in safety!


The over 15 years of experience in hospitality are now all aimed at the safety of our guests. We are used to challenges and once again, following the Covid-19 emergency, we will be able to respond with rigor and efficiency, as we have always done.

We will take care of you and your spaces so that your holiday is serene and super protected. We have put into practice the new security protocols and on your arrival you will find everything ready.

In summary, here is what we have done to ensure greater security:

  • We have made available to our guests hand sanitizing gels and disposable gloves in all common areas, which in turn will be ventilated and sanitized at regular intervals
  • We have implemented the sanitation of the rooms and common areas with disinfectants recognized by the ministry of health as “Medical Surgical Devices”
  • We trained our staff, always equipped with gloves and masks, to ensure that safety distances and all anti-infection rules are respected
  • The linen of our company is totally sanitized by the industrial laundry PINO s.r.l.

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Protocol Covid-19 Pompei Hotel

  • We provide for DAILY sanitization of all surfaces using alcohol-based products with high concentration or sodium hypochlorite based on the surface to be treated
  • Airing of all rooms at regular daily intervals
  • Cleaning of all air conditioning filters, using special sanitizing products
  • Our structure has decided to equip itself with cutting-edge equipment and to insert meticulous procedures, such as DAILY SANITATION THROUGH OZONE, so that all the rooms of the Guesthouse Fauno are completely sanitized at each CHECK IN.

Ozone is the most powerful natural disinfectant currently known, it easily reaches the most hidden points by eliminating up to 99.98% of impurities, also thanks to its high oxidizing and sanitizing power, it is able to inactivate any pathogen, virus in a very short time, mold, fungi and allergens. FIND OUT HOW IT WORKS +


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  • Free luggage storage
  • Netflix free
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  • Free parking
  • Fast WiFi Internet
  • Outdoor Pool

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