Reopening of the Domus of Cryptoporticus in Pompeii after a long restoration

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Reopen the Domus of the Cryptoporticus at Pompeii Ruins….After a year of restoration

After a year of restoration reopen the “House of the Cryptoporticus” of the Great Pompeii Project.

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Reopen the Domus of the Cryptoporticus


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Reopen the “House of Cryptoporticus ,” in Pompeii .

After a year of renovations , the construction site , Friday ends Planimetria-domus-criptoportico-pompeithe work . The yard , the house , which for now is only open to professionals , once vacated will be presented in full regalia . It is possible that on this occasion they can get government officials . The conclusion of the recovery of the domus ” of the Cryptoporticus ,” also has another meaning: it is the first site of the “Great Pompeii project ” to be completed , so it is a promotion, at no cost, the ability to know how to be strict Italian and serious , to be played on the international stage , for the future.

In short, the ‘ house of the Cryptoporticus , ” domus whose entrance faces Abundance Way , the main street of the old city , which by the end of this week will be recovered perfectly handed back to the Department and archeology all , it is certainly something which lead to pride , after years of “terrible” experiences from Pompeii.

The cost of the intervention was 304mila euro , penny more , penny less . Including , of course, charges for security, equal to about 8 thousand euro . The contract , awarded to the company , ” Perillo buildings “, was awarded with a decline of about 57% . This also means that , under the circumstances , with the € 105 million allocated by the EU to secure Pompeii , one could point to the salvation of a number of more or less double the archaeological buildings .


The House of the Cryptoporticus

The House of the Cryptoporticus is situated in Insula 6, Regio I; its main entrance is at n° 2, Via dell’Abbondanza. It was Crtipto_anfore_130405103041brought to light in various stages, between 1911 and 1914 during the excavation works supervised by Vittorio Spinazzola, and between 1927 and 1930 under the supervision of Amedeo Maiuri.

The house was originally built in the 3rd century BC and by the 2nd century BC it had been extended to include the House of the Sacello Iliaco. After the earthquake that took place in 62, the two atrium-and-peristyle houses were divided and became independent homes once again.

The house takes its current name from the cryptoporticus, an underground passageway with openings, running along three sides of the quadrangular south-opening garden. A living room (the oecus) and four thermal bathing rooms (apodyterium, frigidarium, tepidarium and calidarium, the latter being preceded by a praefurnium) open onto it. The cryptoporticus originally had  barrel and cross vaulted ceilings and the walls of the oecus were decorated with a series of scenes inspired by the Iliad, providing one of the finest examples of Pompeian painting from the final stage of the Second style (era of Augustus). The walls of the four bathing rooms were also painted with exquisite scenic images. The building suffered severe damage from the September 1943bombardment of Pompeii.


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